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How to color hair naturally With Coffee

How to color hair naturally, how to color hair naturally with coffee,
If you are looking for a natural way to change the color of your hair, there is no need for the use of chemical Hair dyes hat lead to damaged and hair loss.

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It is better to use of natural mixtures that gives you a bright color your hair does not hurt, know us on the natural ways to change the color of your hair:


Coffee or tea:

Mix a teaspoon of coffee with a glass of water.

Make a coffee as usual and let it become cool for half an hour.
Apply the mixture on your hair, then cover it well a plastic lid, and leave for at least an hour and a half.

Wash your hair well with water only, do not tumble shampoo, because you get a dark hair.


Amazing Home Made Face Masks

Mix one cup of lemon juice with a cup of chamomile tea a condition not to be hot.
Apply the mixture on your hair and leave then exposed to the sun.
Repeat this mixture every week you get a lighter hair during the month.

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