6 Steps To Grow Hair Faster

Every girl dreams of long, soft, uncluttered hair, but many girls find it difficult to achieve this dream, so we offer you tips that will help you to dramatically increase your hair quickly.

how to feed hair follicles

1 – Use appropriate hair care products that nourish its roots and contain vitamins that help to grow.

2 – Hair needs proteins that help produce amino acids such as keratin, which plays an important role in hair growth, and it is necessary to use creams and shampoos containing proteins to get the desired result.

3 – Always ensure that the scalp does not dry, because this causes the appearance of the cortex, which in turn inhibits the growth of hair.

4 – Protect the hair from dust, dirt and sunlight when leaving the house especially in the summer, because sunlight causes great harm to hair follicles, and dust helps to form dandruff.

5 – Increasing the intake of foods containing vitamins C and B, as well as proteins, iron and zinc, where research indicates that the lack of these minerals – iron and zinc – leads to hair weakness and fall.

6 – Follow an integrated diet contains the various nutrients that the body needs.

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