How To Make Crepe At Home

How to make crepe at home, If you love crape and want to prepare it yourself for 8your family to dinner, today on Eve How we’ll  learn how to make crape yourself at home through an easy steps.

How to make crepe at home
How to make crepe at home


Cup of full-fat.
4 eggs- cup of flour.
1 1/2 tablespoon of sugar.
1/4 teaspoon salt.
Two tablespoons of butter.

Preparing Crepe  dough:

1- Pulsate eggs with the salt in a bowl and mixing white with yellow,  add salt and continue whisking until the mixture becomes homogeneous.

2- ِِِAdd a half a cup of flour to the egg mixture and mix it well, then also nationalist adding half a cup of milk.

Pour well and continued to add more flour and eggs in equal amounts, or you should be doing by mixing flour and milk together and then evaluating the addition of the mixture gradually to the egg and, if you d use low-fat milk you can replace whole milk with milk.

3- Add sugar and butter to the mixture and keep whisking until the dough becomes smooth and you can add more milk if my desire to do so.

crepe cooking
crepe cooking

How to Cook crape:

1 – Heat the skillet a diameter of 20 cm and prefer to use non-stick pan Place the pan on the stove over low medium temperature and leave then heats the material by adding national non-stick her if she was a normal type to prevent the adhesion of the crape

2. Now Pour the dough in the bowl and spread it well in the pan until they become thin and with a circular shape.

3- Move the pan in a circular motion with your hands up and become unique to have the same thin to all parts in the pan.

make crepe at home 2

4- Then put crape on the fire for some seconds until it is cooked and lift its aspects using fork on the other side to be cooked as well for only half a minute so as not to burn crape where it is very thin, and if my grandmother that the mid-crape still wet nationalist to leave him on the fire for more time.

5. After that lift the crape from the pan easy and carefully, then put it into wide dish.

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