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How To Keep Your Hair Color Longer

How To Keep Your Hair Color Longer, If you are using a hair dyes constantly, and would like to maintain the color from fading and change, To solve this problem Try this simple and natural catcher recipe.

keep hair color longer
keep hair color longer

Recipe Ingredients :

Egg yolks.
Moisturizing cream for hair.

hair coloring
hair coloring

How to prepare :

Whisk lecithin from eggs in a bowl, then add a little nationalist your hair with moisturizing cream beats continue until well combined
Put a small amount of water over the ingredients to become the mixture together.
Apply the mixture evenly over the entire hair from roots to ends
Cover your hair a plastic lid, and leave for at least one hour before washing it.
Use this mixture twice a week and you’ll notice that your hair will maintain its color for a longer period.

keep hair color longer
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