Kidney Vitamins

Top kidney vitamins review, Kidneys needs some kinds of vitamins to maintain optimum performance level in order to play the kidneys organized fluid levels, blood pressure, and involved in controlling the production of red blood cells, and the balance of calcium and other minerals levels by expelling urine waste process.

Kidney Vitamins

But if the kidney is not able to waste liquidation correctly the body can cause the accumulation of toxins kidney damage or failure, higher blood pressure, the formation of stones, or the occurrence of urinary tract infections, and affect all these problems and kidney function.

Top kidney vitamins:

There are a variety of vitamins and improve kidney function, you can get them for your needs through foods, vitamins are:
Vitamin B-12:
This vitamin is also known as “Cobalamin”, a vitamin soluble in water, and helps in the production of red blood cells, kidney cells and repair of the effect of free radicals, also supports the bone marrow and prevents anemia.
Adult person needs 2.4 micrograms of vitamin needs 12 a day, to improve kidney function, foods rich in this vitamin meat and beef liver, canned sardines in oil, eggs, ducks, meat turkey, lamb, hard cheese, condensed milk.
Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, and protects the immune system and prevent kidney damage, and repair damaged tissues, also reduces the amount of protein in the urine, and helps the body absorb iron, an adult about 1000 mg of vitamin C a day to improve the overall performance needs, of foods rich in vitamin C guava and strawberries, tomatoes, sweet peppers, green, orange, and raspberries.
Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is soluble in fat, which works to improve kidney function, and contributes to the removal of waste and toxins from the kidneys, and helps the body’s absorption of calcium found in foods, rights of 15 micrograms of vitamin D needed daily to support kidney function.
Foods rich in vitamin D:
Eggs, salmon, canned tuna, beef liver, and dairy products.
Vitamin E:
This vitamin is one of Antioxidants that fat-soluble vitamin E, reinforces this vitamin immune system and protects the body from free radicals that damage cells, and contributes to the repair of damaged and affected tissue from kidney inflammation, and reduces the risk of narrowing the renal artery.
Human needs 15 mg of vitamin E per day to promote kidney function, from foods rich in vitamin E. mango, broccoli, corn oil, peanut butter, almonds, tomatoes, spinach, wheat germ oil.


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