Kombucha Benefits

Kombucha Benefits

Kombuch is a plant which is an organism that grows like mushrooms, It is flat, large, and pie-like.
Technically the Kombucha is not mushrooms or pure fruit, The correct is a molecule of lichen plant and the part of the bacteria (Zellenium) and part of the farm natural yeast.

When placed in a mixture of sugar and the usual tea of ​​7 – 10 days, The Kombucha produces both refreshing refreshing tea for health.

The history of the Kombucha tea dates back to 2000 years in the past in China, Russia, Japan and Korea, In time, it was used as a treatment material in many areas, mainly in Manchuria and Russia.

Russian scientists studied the fungus during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. According to the Moscow Central Institute for Bacterial Action, when it is brought properly, it contains a number of important substances of good health, including gluconic acid, which inhibits viral infection and can dissolve gallstones.

It contains Hyaluronic acid (one of the components of connective tissue), sulfate sulfate (cartilage components), and Mycoctin – sulfuric acid (of the lining of the stomach and eye).
The drink also contains vitamins B1 (Thiamin), b 2 (riboflavin), 3 (niacin), 6 (Pyridoxine) and 12, folic acid, lactic acid, Dextrogiral and acid Osnik, which have strong effects such as antibiotics and viruses.

Kombucha Benefits :

According to research evidence and what people are going through, Kombucha tea is a powerful immune system and can be an important part of the treatment:
Chronic stress.
Hair loss.
High cholesterol.
Low sugar level.
Smooth urinary.
Kidney disease.
Improves overall feeling of health.

The best Kombucha tea recipe :

Many people bring Kombucha tea at home because its preparation process is easy and inexpensive .. However, it is available in health food stores.

It is effective and nutritious as in the process of household dewatering, One of the disadvantages of commercial products is that some of them have a stinging taste because of the fermentation process long .. However, the length of fermentation does not affect its effectiveness.

There is some debate about the best time to take Kombucha tea. Most suggestions say that it will be dripped after 6-6 days and then remain in the pot for another three days before the treatment. Russian researchers say the antibiotic activity is in a wave on the seventh and eighth days.

Note that if the tea is left to ferment for a very long time (more than a month), it turns into vinegar. Because you do not want to drink this vinegar as a soup, you can use it for another vinegar.

How to prepare Kombucha :

4 or 3 gallons distilled water.
1 cup pure white sugar.
4 tea bags (green or black only).
4 ounces of fresh compote tea or 4 ounces of apple cider vinegar.
Mushroom (large Kombucha).
Glass and ceramic ware of gallon and half gallon.
Gallon Glass Bowl.
1 square natural canvas is available.
6 inch rubber band, wooden or plastic.

1 – Put the water in a glass or ceramic vessel above the high temperature (Do not use an artifact of aluminum) , Add sugar and waffle for five minutes .

2 – Keep the fire away and add automatic tea bags and a break for ten minutes .. Wash your hands and tear the tea bags.

3 – pouring tea in a glass vessel (do not use crystal, metals, ceramics, plastic) .. and living at room temperature and additive compote or vinegar.

4 – Make the smooth surface of the mushroom in the growing tea. Cover the cloth with cloth and tighten the rubber band.

5 – Put the dishes in a quiet place, .. Dark, .. Ventilated at a temperature between 70 – 90 Fahrenheit .. “Rack in the kitchen is an ideal place.” .Leave the tea in the pot for 7 – 10 days. Do not feed in the refrigerator.

6 – 7 – 10 days after the Mushroom with a wooden spoon or plastic .. Note that the small Kombucha (the foreground) is now growing on the top of the large Kombucha,  Unplug the mother from the mother gently pulling them together clean hands.

7 – Use the cloth as a filter, Describe the new tea from the dish into a glass container.
Leave the area at the top of the package (do not store tea in plastic containers because chemicals can leak from the tea to tea) .. Keep in the refrigerator and drink 3 cups a day before or after eating .. Do not drink more than the recommended amount

Use two mushrooms and part of the new tea product to get more tea (new).

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