Learn How To Blow Dry Hair Properly

How To Blow Dry Hair Properly, drying hair after bathing no longer difficult and complex issue, it is a simple and easy steps you can dry your hair the right way without being hurt or brittleness.

Blow Dry Hair Properly
Blow Dry Hair Properly

In order to dry the hair the right way, you have to follow a set of steps, namely:

1. Gently excess water from hair removal using a towel (towel) soft.

2. Do not put on hair styling products such as sticky gel and mousse; where these products picks up dust and dirt and then affect the health and shine to the hair.

3. Use a hair dryer for a short period and then national combed hair using a medium-sized flat or round brush with the use of hot air.

4. The national divide the hair into two large two characteristics, then Start by combing the first trait of hair starting from the roots of the hair even limbs using a brush and dried, then move on to other lock and repeat the same steps.

5. Start by drying in the lower layer of the hair and then move up to facilitate the hair drying process and to increase the density of hair.

6. Use a brush to lift hair during electrolysis of dried roots of the hair to guide the limbs, with brush pass slowly down the length of the hair with good hair constipation.

7. If you want to make some corrugated wisps in hairstyle, you can use the round brush like a roll of the parties to the hair, and would prefer to leave the brush as long as possible to remain on the hair look.
8. Do a desired hairstyle after the completion of drying hair.

My dear, Follow the steps above to dry the hair, it will run these steps to protect hair from infection with many of damage and at the same time will be added to the hair luster and shine like no other.

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