Lizzo’s lawyers ask judge to toss allegations of bullying, harassment from ex-employee

LOS ANGELES — Lawyers for Lizzo asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit from a former employee who claimed the performer allowed bullying, harassment and discrimination, saying in a filing Friday that the allegations were “meritless” and “defective” because they have no connection to California, where the suit was filed.

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in September by fashion designer Asha Daniels, accused her boss — Lizzo’s wardrobe manager — of doing stereotypical impressions of Black women, forcing dancers to change in front of the mostly white, male stage crew and describing the performers as “fat,” “useless” and “dumb.” 

Daniels was fired after she complained about her work environment, according to the suit. Her lawyer, Ron Zambrano, has previously said the “buck stops” with Lizzo.

In Friday’s filing, lawyers for Lizzo called the suit “specious” and accused Daniels of “abandoning” her job after three weeks and getting fired as a result.

The lawyers are seeking to have Daniels’ suit dismissed because it was filed under laws that they say are designed to protect California residents or people working in the state.

Daniels lives in New York and worked for Lizzo while on tour with the performer in Europe, according to the filing.

In a statement, lawyers for Daniels called the filing a “Hail Mary” that seeks to shift blame to the victims.

“Lizzo and her lawyers can continue trying to rationalize her illegal and wretched conduct but we remain committed to seeking justice for our clients, and look forward to our day in court where Lizzo can explain her behavior in a public forum,” the statement says.

Three former dancers of Lizzo’s are suing the performer in a separate lawsuit over allegations of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. Lizzo has denied their claims, calling them “false,” “unbelievable” and “outrageous.”