Long Hair In 10 Tips

When you make a decision to prolong the short hair you often will pass with some difficult stages, but there are several ways to overcome them. You may want to obtain the desired result as soon as possible, but remember that your hair will require more attention to maintain the luster and health.

long hair
long hair

For best results, experts advise you to take the decision to prolong your hair slowly while maintaining its shape and health of the limbs during the growth phase, and that means cutting hair parties regularly. Clearly, the solution is hair cut at a slower rate during its growth. You can reduce your visits to the salon, but you have to tell your hair stylist that you want to prolong your hair and cut only necessary parts.

hair coloring
hair coloring

There will be special occasions you attend when your hair is in the growth stage. In addition to regularly cut the limbs, there are several things you can do you summed up as follows:

1. Be patient and resist desire to cut your hair completely. This is a great opportunity to discover Hair length best suited to you.

2. Try new hairstyles hair. Celebrity leafing through magazines to see the beautiful hairstyles and Enjoy diversity.

3. Buy some hair accessories such as hair ties, clamps, pins, hair sticks. and use it to link the hair in the desired areas, or put your hair on the cake form, or ponytail.

4. While prolong slave, you pulled back and fastened or combed to the side of the head.

stop hair loss
stop hair loss

5. If your hair is thick, ask your hair stylist to use scissors to mitigate easier for you to control it.

6. Longer hair requires more care and styling of its time. Make sure to rinse all the shampoo and use Conditioner correctly.

7. There is no magic pill for hair extension, but a multi-vitamin pill eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep benefit both your hair and your skin.

8. Avoid brushes and use a wide tooth comb only on the hair wet to avoid pounding limbs.

9. If you can no longer wait, go to the salon and my hair extensions. Remember that this is not a permanent solution and may damage your hair over time. Better to buy hairpins that contain links.

10. distillation pictures of yourself each month during lengthen your hair, it helps you to make a decision at a later date you on the most appropriate length.

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