Make Awesome Cold Coffee At Home

How to make awesome cold coffee at home, Today’s recipe on EveHow is cold coffee or iced coffee, we’ll give you an easy recipe for coffee lovers in the summer this recipe refreshing to drink cold coffee, grinding coffee beans is recommend to make fresh juice.

make awesome cold coffee at home
make awesome cold coffee at home

After grinding coffee beans well move it to coffee-making machine, and hurt by the cold water, theĀ  water should not be cold at this stage, it is sufficient to use ordinary water.

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Mix ground coffee with water well and leave your any small blocks.

In the next stage Put the coffee machine in the refrigerator and leave it there overnight or for 12 hours, as can be let go for a longer period if you want to get intensive syrup.

Before serving, Pour coffee into a glass filled with crushed ice and serve immediately for the visitors.

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