How To Make Green Bean Salad Quickly

How to make Green bean salad, today on EveHow we’ll provide you an easy, delicious, and fast recipe to make Green bean salad at home.

How to make Green bean salad
How to make Green bean salad

Half a kilo of beans.
10 cloves garlic.
Parsley package.
Salt, black pepper.
Cup olive oil.
Boil the green beans with a little salt. .
Chop parsley and garlic, cut into small pieces. .
All turns with the addition of black pepper with a cup of olive oil over low heat for 5 to 7 minutes. .

Green bean
Green bean

The nutritional value of green beans:

Containing 10% potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium metals, copper, material tryptophan, vitamin, and vitamin B-2, as well as about 5% of our need for daily metal phosphorus and proteins and fats, omega-3 and vitamin B–3. All of these minerals and vitamins provided by us eating one cup, one ration, from green beans boiled, without burdening our bodies quantities of high-calorie energy. Ie without causing an increase of body weight. The bones and what you need in order to be with a strong structure available raw beans The materials needed to build the same bone, ie bone cells and tissue collagen and mineral deposits limestone among bone cells.

Green bean benefits:

Green beans are available in the market throughout the year, but the finest types of what was in the summer and autumn. And are harvesting the fruits of centuries-long green beans growth is complete, and before they mature and filled with fiber cover coarse and cruel. Centuries and contains green beans, tender and soft and rich with water, within it, the small seeds to be completed after the growth and maturity

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