Makeup Side Effects That You Must Know

If you are a paradox who can not make-up bag, you have to think twice your protein aesthetic condenser. Do you want to use make-up to increase your beauty or to hide defects appearing on your skin?
Before answering Here are five reasons that will change your mind, abandon daily make-up in favor of natural View:

Makeup negative side effects that you must know

Makeup negative side effects that you must know

– Blackheads and impurities multiply with the adoption of a make-up which contains a high percentage of chemicals. By relieving the application of make-up defied this problem.

– Daily use of make-up prevents the flow of oxygen to the skin well, this is what increases the dryness and the appearance of pimples.

– The application of mascara and continuously weaken them clumping eyelashes, and rubbing your eyes daily to remove the product it will make it fails, and the emergence of high-wrinkles around your eyes.

– The use of powder blush and cream base on a daily basis would fill the pores and cause skin pale, so to give away the make-up for two days in the week, for example, that would relieve your skin and maintain the freshness and unify their natural color.

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