Middle Age Woman Exercises

The short study discovered that the prolongation of exercise or body lift for just ten minutes a day may help relieve menopausal symptoms and depression in women in middle age.

middle age woman exercises
Yoko Kai the big authors of the study, told Reuters Health by e-mail “is not made by evaluating light training such as prolongation of the terms of their impact on the symptoms of menopause and depression interruption.”

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For this purpose, tests were conducted on Japanese women, aged between 40 years and 61 years in Tokyo.
Said Dr. Joan Pinkerton, executive director of the North American Menopause told Reuters Health via e-mail that although the exercises, stretching before bed is not a bad idea, “it is impossible to determine whether the positive effect, which was discovered to practice exercises prolongation on menopausal symptoms and depression due to the prolongation of exercise or increase traffic or not to do anything that a woman usually do ten minutes of sleep, such as eating, smoking or drinking etc. before .. ”
She said that women should remember the he “proved to be not actively doing is bad for their health, physical and mental, and increase hot flashes. And proved to be an activity on a daily basis reduces the severity of hot flashes and improves mood and ability to cope and may reduce the risk of cognitive decline.”
She said, “If women are able to practice sport light walking for 30 minutes a day and then tighten the sport body for ten minutes, they may improve their health and the symptoms of menopause and mood and cognitive and improve the quality of their sleep if the prolongation exercises help to sleep.”

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