5 Natural Recipes For Makeup Remover

Today we will provide you easy and simple 5 Natural Recipes For Makeup Remover, The use of natural recipes to remove make-up gives you two benefits:

5 Natural Recipe For Makeup Remover

The first is the safe disposal of the remnants of cosmetics without having to experience the different types of abrasives and industrial make-up and that may contain substances that cause skin sensitivity.

The second benefit is that the most natural recipes contain hydrating and nutritious elements to take care of health The beauty of the skin.

So we offer you here months natural ways in which you can remove face and eye makeup.


1. Coconut Oil:
Benefits endless coconut oil, as it helps to moisturize the skin and hair and eyelashes intensify, also features a wonderful ability to clean the skin and cracking remnants of cosmetics.

Put a piece of cotton into warm water and a little oil and licked her face in circular motions and when stained with a cotton ball completely and replace it with other of cotton to be fully removing make-up.

Amazing Home Made Face Masks-Milk
Amazing Home Made Face Masks-Milk

2. Milk:
Mix one tablespoon of cold milk with a grain of turmeric powder and a few drops of lemon juice in a small bowl.
Put piece of cotton in the mixture and then the leader on your face and neck. Leave on for 3 minutes and then wash your skin with warm and then pat him dry with a clean towel with water.


3. Cucumber:
Mix a little cucumber juice with drops of baby oil and then put a piece of cotton in the mix and licked her face .. This mixture will help to clean the skin and remove the remnants of make-up and skin-lightening the color of bleached thanks to the items in the Cucumber.

Olive oil lowers cholesterol in the blood

4. Olive oil for eye makeup:
As the eye area thin and very sensitive, it is better to use natural oils with it, and in this case, the olive oil is the best ever. Soak a piece of cotton oil and grease the area around the eye, taking into account the lack of oil, and the arrival of the eye. Leave the oil for about 10 minutes so that it can break up the rigid parts such as mascara for Inner Wipe your eyes and then very gently and rinse with warm water.
This recipe helpful with make-up water-resistant


5. Lemon for oily skin:
lemon capable of the best ingredients to clean the skin of dirt and excess resulting therefrom and make-up as well. Mix a little lemon juice with a spoon potato juice and then leader of the mixture on your skin for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

If you use any previous recipes with the skin you can, preferably scrubs the skin crust of lemon for a few seconds to capture the open pores and remove oils. Put tomato juice on the skin for a few minutes after the cleaned-up will also help to catch the wide pores.

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