Natural Ways To Prevent Pregnancy

Natural ways to prevent pregnancy, Many women uses regular contraception pills, and IUDs, and other barriers that numerous and varied a great variety, But health exposing, side effects on women’s health and its effects are still unclear exactly, and are not guaranteed 100%, and often surprises occur although its use.

Natural ways to prevent pregnancy

Every woman wants to maintain her health criticism you natural ways that help to postpone pregnancy:

1. Counting method for the delay pregnancy:

This method requires that the menstrual cycle regular, and are counting from the first day of the menstrual cycle to the fourteenth day, from this day, any mid-cycle will be the enrichment stage in women, which should be avoided during the sexual relationship, and lasts a period of 5 days by phase and 5 days later, but this method is not considered 100% safe, and pregnancy is caused by an error in counting or disturbances in the menstrual cycle.


2. Insulation method:

This method is related to the man in particular, it is to be isolated from the semen of men women and have it out with slander and have it within a few days of enrichment.

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