New 3D Henna Tattoo Designs

3D Henna tattoo recently It has sprung up various styles, which adorn the paws and feet most wonderful shapes, but has become a substitute for wearing jewelry accessory, especially since researchers about beauty looking for Engravings express their ideas and express their personality.

3d Hanna tattoo designs
• Tattoos that represent images of nature merging the two colors of henna red and green, it is perfect for women who like to combine outstanding originality and brilliance of fashion.

3d hanna tattoo designs (3) 3d hanna tattoo designs (2) 3d hanna tattoo designs (4)

• Inscriptions about freedom and beauty of your character: It is similar to the tattoos, such as birds, butterflies, and horoscope, and you can either engraving on your hands or your feet or the bottom of the neck.

3d hanna tattoo designs (5) 3d hanna tattoo designs (6) 3d hanna tattoo designs (7)• Distinctive and smooth inscriptions women Her personal quiet and unique fit.
• If you’re with a personal dreamy and romantic and optimistic you can adopt special inscription represents the heartbeat and show feelings of love and hope.

3d hanna tattoo designs (8) 3d hanna tattoo designs (9) 3d hanna tattoo designs (10)• What about the idea of dispensing with white gloves on your wedding day and replace it with a white inscription henna gives the impression of lace fabric, with the addition of crystal stones that characterize women and add to it beautiful.

3d hanna tattoo designs (12)
• Choose soft henna inscription adorns your wrist and finger comes in the form of bracelet and ring.
• Engravings Henna busy three-dimensional display graphics seems like obtrusive to the outside.

3d hanna tattoo designs (11)

Steps before starting work henna
Careful to choose a specialized center to ensure the quality of henna, which should be normal, because some of them contains chemicals harmful to your skin.
– Women who suffer from skin allergies should stay away once and for drawing henna so as not to show them any problem with your skin.

– Define the area to be work space of engraving the paws, shoulder, foot, lower back, neck, lower abdomen, and selection of appropriate painting each region, in the stop arm and foot can choose The drawings longitudinal and soft, and the lower back, shoulder, prefer to choose and occasional soft graphics.
– Take care when choosing colors of henna to be suitable for your skin color.

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