Red meat negative effects on kidneys

A recent study suggests that eating red meat may harm the kidneys which increases the risk of disease up to kidney failure injury, The researchers also concluded that the intake of other types of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs or eat vegetables instead of red meat may greatly reduces this risk.

Eating red meat

Wi-Won Koh  a researcher at the National University of Singapore and the senior researcher in the study said “there is an increase in the number of individuals who develop kidney disease in the world and many up to late stages of kidney which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant disease.”

She continued saying “The current guidelines recommend reducing the amount of protein in patients with chronic kidney disease to help reduce the symptoms and slow the decline in the late stages of kidney disease.”

Red meat
Red meat

Koh’s team wrote in the journal (The American Society Of Niforologi) online Despite that reducing intake of protein slows down the progress of kidney disease is already present it is not known if he dramatically protein or meat, in particular, contribute to the risk of developing kidney disease.

The researchers examined data from more than 60 thousand adults living in Singapore and took part in a long-term study of health. The researchers divided the participants into groups according to the protein, which they ate, and after 15 years of follow-up found that about a thousand people were injured kidney failure amounts.

The study team found that participants who ate the largest amount of red meat were more likely 40 per cent of the injured kidney failure compared to people who ate less red meat.

But the researchers did not find any association between kidney health and eating chicken, fish, eggs, dairy products and grains. They concluded that eating any of these products instead of red meat during the daily meal at least reduce the risk of kidney failure rate of approximately 62 per cent.

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