7 Tips For Running in The Winter

Welcome, Today we’ll review the most important tips for amateur of running in the winter.

7 Tips For Running in The Winter

Wearing appropriate clothing:
It is a mistake committed by the beginners jogging during the winter, by wearing warm and warm clothing, as you may risk your temperature rise above the reasonable limits.
Better to follow the doctrine of the layers of the onion, wear any number of layers on top of each other, so they can remove a layer or two if they feel the heat. Most importantly, wear help sweating and boast of allowing the body to breathe.

Shoes suitable for the atmosphere:
When snow or when approaching temperatures of zero or less, preferably wear shoes Jerry athlete or a fixed bottom Includes meanders prevent slipping on ice layers formed or water.

Do not forget gloves or hat:
It’s very important to wear the hat and gloves hands while running in cold weather, because the hands gets cold quickly.
So the gloves are necessary in order to prevent freezing hands or feel pain in them. And so exactly for the head, who loses rights through which 40 per cent of body heat.

Proper lighting during the night:
Running on the roads is lit at night requires wearing a small lamp on the head to see the road and avoid any pitfalls, especially while running in the roads inside the forest.

Proper warm-up and stretching:
A useful warm-up is always necessary before running, but the necessity of getting more in the winter, so as to avoid any muscle cramps caused by the cold weather. Instead of running light for ten minutes for warm-up, advised by running light for 15 minutes in the winter.
But the opposite is true for the stretch after running, as advised by shortening the period in the winter, and sprawled in a warm place, rather than the outside cold.

Breathing correctly:
Running in the winter depends on breathing properly, it is advisable by inhalation from the nose, so the air inside to warm to the body, and exhale from the mouth. At temperatures below zero Celsius, preferably wearing a handkerchief covering the nose and mouth together, so that it does not cause the air inside the body pain in the air capillaries.

Conditioning method of running with the air:
Focus is very important while running in the winter, because the focus makes you mindful of his breathing and sources of danger on the road way and lead to the selection of the appropriate speed.
Unlike the summer, it is advised by running at speeds less than what you’re used to, and does not have overworked your body, because it is not related by running as fast as you have, but to train your body endurance, and that’s what comes through the low speed.

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