Self Foot Massage Methods & Benefits

The developer foot massage was the American doctor William Fitzgerald in the 20th century, where he established dr. Fitzgerald map for the feet show spaces that correspond to parts of the body. For example, it represents a big finger foot head, and can relieve headaches by adopting treatment techniques reflexive big fingering which can also be found on the hands while they are not actively feet

self foot massage methods and benefits

A) Benefits of foot massage:

1. Stimulate circulation.
Through pressure on the arch of the foot smoothly and lightness that is activated by return of blood to the heart.

2. Purification of the body.
here Chinese flag repercussions involuntary proved in the feet that by clicking on parts and specific places bipeds stimulates and activates all body functions such as digestion and drainage.

3. Gives a sense of vitality.
Where good massage for the feet sponsor to grant a sense of comfort for the toes and tendons as a result of Antal tight shoes and high heels resulting from the stand and movement and exhaustion.

4. Loosen the body.
It can be used during the massage of the feet to sit and lie down on the sofa and think about beautiful things, as a way to impart a sense of psychological and physical comfort alike.

5. Body heat.
Since the parties are the first to feel the cold, and when cool parties disrupted energy cycle in the body, so massage the feet and Frckhma well imparts a feeling of heat in the body.

6. Treatment of back pain.
Do you feel pain in your back muscle tension as a result of it? Do you fail to massage your back on your own?
We recommend that you massage the joints of the feet to ease the burden on the spine and back muscles feel relaxed.

7. Remove the Bulge.
Based on a map created by the Dr. Fitzgerald, there are areas of the feet correspond to the lymph nodes, it can pressure discharge all the lower body. This is an ideal way to get rid of the weight of the feet and then feel comfortable.

B) Foot massage methods:

1. First you must sit down and put your left foot on the right thigh, and let the thumbs down (must touches teos) and then by pressing lightly up from the heel so the toes base and if you were drawing an average line direction of the length of the foot.

2. Press well on the crosshead cavity in his position, and repeat this movement 5 times.

3. D toes and carried a small circular motions around the nails.

4. Place the soles of your feet on the ground and press the apparent foot at the base of each finger over and over again in a good way.

C) Tips for the health of the feet:

1. We advise you from time to time put your feet in hot water and salt for 30 minutes.

2. Make sure you constantly cleaning and moisturizing the heel area to prevent cracks.

3. Use the foot stone to remove excess dead skin from the heel and toe.

4. Use the heels of a broad and non-shoe shaped from the front to feel more comfortable.

5. Wash your feet daily with soap and water and dry it using a special towel and make sure to dry areas between the fingers to prevent fungus.

6. Wear cotton socks and change on a daily basis.

7. Make sure you empty your feet and nails from fungal infections, and it scans the heel and toe and notice any yellowing nail or an increase in thickness.

8. If you are suffering from sweating of the feet, we might want to change the internal slippers every 6 months.

9. If you suffer from swollen feet in summer, you might want to avoid wearing shoes with straps and belts because they impede circulation.

10. Cut toenails straight your feet in a manner not curved to avoid entry into the skin, and make sure you constantly that they are free from any infections.

11. If you have abscesses or infections, you can get rid of them by using the appropriate medications and prescribed by foot or dermatologist care professional.

12. From time to time we recommend you to walk barefoot Kmsag naturally to strengthen the muscles of the feet and leave it fallow of socks and shoes.

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