Learn Why You Should Eat Broccoli Everyday

There have been many studies that talk about the importance of eating vegetables in the fight against breast cancer, prostate, colon, and recently demonstrated a study by researchers from the University of Illinois in the United States, that eating broccoli three times a week reduces the risk of liver cancer.

Eat broccoli everyday

Researchers explain the importance of this discovery because of the high risk of liver cancer offered to men who suffer from obesity’s health.
They are more likely five times for liver cancer compared with men who do not suffer from obesity.

This study was conducted on a group of mice suffering and the other does not suffer from obesity, which is designed to compare the diet that contains or does not contain the broccoli. Has been on mice suffering from obesity, eat foods rich in fat and sugar for the first time.

Calories In Broccoli Raw & Cooked

Thus it was found that the tumors had proliferated In obese mice that did not address the broccoli. Conversely, the number of tumor cells decreased In obese mice eating the broccoli. Broccoli rodents did not lose weight, but also contributed to the absorption of fat from the liver, which get rid of them a better way.

Eating broccoli is overcooked, the researchers advised a lot, because cooking for a prolonged period removes the enzyme Myrosinase anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer tumors.

Green color vegetables generally helps you to prevent cancer , has been shown in a study by researchers from the University of Oregon, and published in the Clinical Epigenetics scientific journal that there is a substance found in this type of vegetables which Sulforaphane has a strong effect on the tumors and can enhance the anti-cancer therapies.

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