Excessive Sleep May Cause Alzheimer’s

If you are among the people who sleep too much, or you likes them who sleep for more than nine hours, So this study advises you to give up the habit.

Sleeping diet review
It revealed a study published in the journal “Neurology,” that the number of hours of sleep significantly affects the brain, and to sleep for more than nine hours, causing an increased risk of dementia or¬†Alzheimer’s in old age, and reduce the level of comprehension and learning six degrees.

Is Alzheimer's Contagious

Research conducted at the Faculty of Medicine at Boston University have shown that people who sleep too much shrink the size of the brain have over time, it should be noted that this study was conducted on a large number of adult individuals, over 10 years.In addition, the researchers worked through the study, to detect the effect of the number of hours of sleep on the brain, and adopted in the context of research on the diagnosis of dementia, during the period in which they are invested for the study.

The results showed that those who slept a lot, more than nine hours per night, increased their risk of developing dementia as well as Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common.People who sleep more than nine hours from an early age the level of education also showed low, was made mostly secondary education certificate.

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