The Most Viral Wedding Dress Now: Airbrushed Wedding Dress

The internet is currently having a favor with Taylor Ann Linko’s fabulously airbrushed wedding dress, It’s easy to see why: The dress is really bucketful and Linko added the gorgeous splash of color all by herself.


Ann Linko is an artist, And she purchased the traditional lacy gown secondhand at a bridal shop, and pretty quickly set about figuring out how to add a much-needed splash of color.


At first, she planned to stitch dyed pieces of lace to the dress, but that didn’t go as she envisioned. “As I laid it on the dress, it just did not look how I wanted. Instead of a fade from one color to the next, it just looked like patchy flowers that were messy and hard to even see,” she wrote.


Posts on Linko’s and her photographer James Tang’s Instagrams have recently garnered a ton of attention, with many saying her gown is a sign of a new “dip-dyed wedding dress” trend, though Linko clarified that it wasn’t dip-dyed, like many assume.


Ann posted on her blog “Before: I got this dress at a discount store. When we purchased it, it was a size 8 and I’m barely a 1! Next I took it to Sun Rose Alterations in Huntington Beach CA.

taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-5 taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-6 taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-8

They did a great job getting it down to size and even adding some beautiful straps.”


Here w can see the dress walking down the aisle, perfectly matched with a bouquet.

taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-10 taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-12taylor-ann-linko-wedding-dress-11

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