The Ant Bite Benefits!

The ant bite benefits
Many people are exposed to an ant bite from here or there, but then rushing to kill the ant aggressor, but why do not we offer gratitude to the ant when it bites, especially since many benefits.
And its benefits are as follows:
– Ant bite activate nerve cells in the brain through sensory signals transmitted from one place to sting sensory cells down the brain.
– Ant bite lead to stimulate blood circulation and increase the number of red blood cells, which is reflected on the activity of the body and vitality.

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– If body exposure to more than one bite at the same time, it would lead to cirrhosis of the skin and to the fact that all the bites in one place, but if in several places, that leads to blood clotting.

– Ant bite as the best way to diet when you ant (female) under the guidance of the stings of the desired goal, they secrete saliva amount of the Ionian, and strange that this saliva shall burn all the fat in the bite area.
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