The Correct Way To Wash Jeans

How to wash jeans, today on Eve How we’ll find out the correct way to wash jeans pants, Some prefer to wash jeans pants after wearing it, to make it return to its shape again, while others prefer to not completely washed off, to become more comfortable with the multiplicity of wear, but when jeans should be washed ?

The correct way to wash jeans
The correct way to wash jeans

To answer this inquiry, the German expert Bernd Glasl explained that we can wear jeans for 5 days without washing, pointing out that it should be washed off before that if it was unclean or in the case of getting bad smell from it.

On the other hand, MR: Glasl the member of the German Association of Industries cosmetics and detergents care, pointed that jeans should be washed on the internal side, in order to preserve the luster outer face.

How to wash jeans:

Abut appropriate washing jeans program, the German expert advised that the maximum temperature of the wash be shown on a washbasin mark on the poster washing and pants care information, adding that in the absence of a bottom line washbasin sign it means that you can wash jeans washing colored clothes program or linen or cotton with strong effective cleaning mechanical cleaning program.

In addition, the German expert Glasl recommends using colored liquid detergents, in order to avoid the appearance of white lines on the jeans.

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