The Health Benefits Of Anise Oil

Eastern Mediterranean and South-West Asia are the original home of the star anise plant, which is subject to the process of steam distillation until it turns into oil after the seeds are crushed. Anise seeds have been used in the treatment of digestive problems and abdominal cramps, nausea, and was being used as an aphrodisiac.

The health benefits of anise oil

The health benefits of anise oil: –

– The treatment of epilepsy and hysteria:
Anise oil soothing lead role and sedated at the time of epileptic seizures, and found that it effectively raised in the placement of neurological diseases in general, such as convulsions, but he must be wary of the use of intensive doses where it is possible to have a negative impact, especially on children.

– For the treatment of rheumatism:
Can have a role in the oil, anise relieve rheumatic pain and arthritis by stimulating blood circulation and also by reducing the sensation of pain in the incidence areas.

– Diuresis:
Anise oil has the properties of a counter to the problems of the urinary system, where he works on the protection of the inflammation that occurs urinary system.

– Contractions:
Can olive oil works to relieve cramps are caused by many diseases, such as cough, diarrhea and neurological diseases and convulsions that works Kmrge normal.

– Constipation:
This oil has laxative properties, and operates low doses to speed healing of constipation and flatulence and indigestion. Anise oil is also considered a major treat when those who suffer from stomach gases caused by indigestion.

– Treatment of congestion:
Anise oil has a very active role in removing the congestion of the lungs and respiratory system when inflammation of the airways as well as the occurrence of asthma.

– Expel phlegm:
This oil works to expel phlegm and alleviate cough, relieve chest pain and trouble breathing, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

– Nerves:
Due to the impact the drug to some extent, the anise oil is used as a moderator to worry neurological diseases, depression, anger, stress and insomnia, but it must be put into consideration raised narcotic when taken in large quantities.

– Worms:
It can have a significant impact anise oil to kill intestinal worms, especially when children infected with intestinal worms.

– Repel insects:
It works as a repellent to insects due to the acrid smell of aromatic and which are not borne by insects and can be used paunch to repel insects and small animals.
– For Skin:
Anise oil can be used to massage the skin, and can also put it in a water bath, preferably used in low doses as large doses can lead to skin irritation, and pregnant women should abstain.

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