US citizen sued Samsung for Galaxy Note 7 explosion

US citizen sued Samsung because of the explosion of phone Galaxy Note 7 in his pocket, Fla.
Lift the man from Florida, filed a lawsuit against South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Company, on Friday, after he said he suffered severe burns after the explosion of smart phone Galaxy Note 7 in the pocket of his pants front.


Perhaps this lawsuit Jonathan Strobel be the first lawsuit filed by one of users in the US against Samsung Galaxy phones because of a defect in the battery linked to Note 7.

The lawsuit was held a day after Samsung pull about a million phone model Knott 7 sold in the United States, said regulators in the United States that Samsung has received 92 complaints of overheating excessively in the United States, including 26 complaints of burns and 55 communiqué damage in the property.

He said Daniel Cohen Meister spokeswoman Samsung spokesman in an e-mail, “We do not comment on a pending case,” We urge all those who have a Knott 7 to close it and replace it immediately. ”


Said Strobel, 28, of Boca Raton, he was in Palm Beach Gardens Costco store on the ninth of September, when his machine exploded Note 7, he said that the phone is completely burned in his trousers and severe burns injury in his right leg.


He added that he also suffered severe burns in the left thumb after he tried to take out the phone from his pants, and demands the lawsuit for damages is not specified value against medical bills, pain and suffering and other injuries alleged. The lawsuit was held in a court in Florida in Palm Beach County

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