Vitamin b12 Foods & Daily Dose

Today we’ll review vitamin b12 foods and daily dose, The liver is the best vitamin source (12). Kidneys, lean meats, fish, chicken, eggs, milk and dairy products – are all rich, too, in this vitamin.

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Vitamin B12 Foods
Vitamin B12 Foods

The dose required in cases of deficiency:

The dose is determined individually, according to the shortage and gravity type.
In pernicious anemia (shortage because of a defect in vitamin absorption) in adults, the treatment is to give a dose of 1,000 mg twice in the first week, then 100-200 mg of each month, by injection, even the disappearance of anemia.

It can give a larger dose, up to 1000 mg of B12, together with folic acid, in cases of serious shortage. For boys, the dose is given between 30-50 mg per day. In cases of nutritional deficiencies are given a dose of 6 mg per day, by mouth (for children: 2-3 micrograms per day). In cases of gross shortage for a genetic defect prevents the utilization of the vitamin, is given a dose of 250 mcg every three weeks for a lifetime.

The body needs to very small amounts of vitamin B12.
Daily recommended doses are: 0.5 micrograms (from birth until the age of 6 months), 1.5 micrograms (6 aged months to years) 0.2 micrograms (1-3 years), 2.5 micrograms (4-6 years ) 0.3 micrograms (over the age of 17 years). In periods of pregnancy and lactation should increase 0.1 micrograms.

Vitamin B12 Foods
The recommended daily dose:

For Men:
3 Micrograms.
For Women:
3 Micrograms.
For Pregnant women:
4-13 Micrograms.

Types of foods that contain the vitamin:

Red meat

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