Wedding Ring Fashion Trends 2016

Wedding ring fashion trends 2016, Accessories German expert Roger Valder said that wedding ring trend moving in 2016 towards models monochrome instead of two-colors models, indicating that the ring sparkling this year colored yellow or white or pink gold gold gold, though the color pink tends this season to the color peach and not red.

wedding ring fashion

And it shines some models through a combination of yellow, white and red gold, while other models gleaming surfaces shiny surfaces rather than amortized cost, even for the men’s rings, as some rings adorned with carvings thin both on the exterior or interior.

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Valder added that along with the gold and platinum are also found marriage made of unusual materials rings to satisfy the tastes of seeking exclusivity and excellence, such as carbon or ceramic or titanium.

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For the stones, he said the German expert Rainer Fine ornaments that decorate the diamond wedding ring this year, even with the men’s models, which glistened often is of diamond-black.

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He added that thanks to fine laser technology can also dig handwriting or fingerprint on a wedding ring, of course, along with the couple’s name and date of the marriage.

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