Winter Vitamins Review

Winter vitamins, with the temperature change and shifts in weather between warm and cold it strikes many diseases, but there are some elements that help to protect us in winter.

Winter vitamins
Winter vitamins

Publish a report at the site of The times of india revealed that there are 5 vitamins are very important for the body in the winter, and protect it from diseases such as vitamin C, which raises the immune because it is an antioxidant and protects against infections such as a cold, cough and fever that afflict many in the beginning of winter,
It is possible to supply the body with vitamin C through fruit available oranges, lemon, sweet lemon or some vitamin C tablets available in the market.
Vitamin D:
According to the report that despite the fact that vitamin D is available year-round, it is important exposure to the sun to gain Vitamin D, because the bones are affected in the winter and a lot of people suffering from joint pain, and vitamin D help people who have problems in the bones to separate Winter, as it must be to persons under the age of 70 exposure to sunlight in the morning for 30 minutes, because they are the best source of vitamin D.
Vitamin E:
This vitamin helps to build the skin, which is very important to the human body it is possible to get it from meat, fish, spinach, broccoli, nuts and tamarind, which is an excellent source of this vitamin.
This vitamin B COMPLEX group the full range of vitamins, from B1 to B12 are very important during the winter B6, which helps to get smooth skin as it helps to treat and chapped lips inflammatory, which is found in green pepper, eggs, fish or some disks.


Plays an important role during the winter, because the fatty acids in omega-3s maintain lipoprotein, high density, and the level of cholesterol in the body and which helps to stay healthy, and because most of the people suffering from joint pain Omega 3 reduces significantly stiffness and joint pain, which is one of the symptoms of inflammation arthritis, which helps to make a bone strength by increasing levels of calcium in the body.
According to the report that it is possible to obtain this vitamin from flax seed, which is a great source of fatty acids with fatty fish, salmon, tuna and mackerel.

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