Yoga is an effective painkiller ( New Study )

Because of the wrong habits that we fall in such as sitting on the desk for long time and lack of exercise daily lives, we feel the pain in the back and neck in addition to arthritis, and treatment by painkillers is not a perfect solution.
But today a new study that approved that Yoga is an effective painkiller.

Benefits of fertility yoga
Benefits of fertility yoga

The site offers the British “Daily Mail” new research by a group of researchers from the National Center for supplementary health using clinical trials to reach for an effective treatment for neck pain, back and headaches without medication, and the results showed the possibility of yoga, massage, relaxation and needles Chinese, known as “complementary therapy” in the treatment of neck pain and back, arthritis and migraine.

Table stretch exercise

He stressed; Richard Nahin, one of the researchers place: “the doctors was not sure of the effectiveness of complementary therapy in pain relief before because of the lack of studies based on clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of this method of treatment, where clinical trials carried out by the Centre of reliability shown a complementary therapy such as yoga, massage and relaxation in the treatment of many pain suffered by millions around the world and rely on painkillers to mitigate. ”

He continued: “dependence on painkillers and medications did not help in the treatment of the problem of millions around the world who suffer from these pains, but left the drugs side effects on some patients, such as stomach pain, and as a result of this research was a duty to do the clinical trials to find an alternative to drugs to overcome these drugs “.

“The search has been proven effective complementary therapy in the treatment of neck, back pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, migraine, where yoga helps in the treatment of back pain, and arthritis had acupuncture more effective, and relaxation techniques have helped in easing migraine, the massage helped in overcoming the spine pain treatment.

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