Zika Virus Symptoms Pregnancy

Zika virus symptoms pregnancy, Health official around the world says that Zika virus that vhas been linked to the injury of thousands of birth defects in Brazil-sharp spreads quickly in the Americas and may affect as many as 4 million people have begun the race to develop a vaccine against Zika.
The following are some questions and answers about the virus and the current outbreak.

Zika Virus Symptoms Pregnancy

Zika Virus Symptoms Pregnancy

Living with HIV often suffer from a slight rise in temperature and rash and inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye and pain in muscles and joints, fatigue and can these symptoms persist for a period ranging from two to seven days, but up to 80% of those infected do not show any symptoms, The symptoms are similar to the symptoms of dengue fever or Chikungunya virus, which its movement the same mosquito.

How infection transmitted?

The virus is transmitted through mosquito bite infected by a female mosquito Aedes mosquito with a transporting dengue fever, yellow fever and Chikungunya virus. She said Health Organization Pan American States (PAHO) The mosquito Aedes exists in all countries in the Americas except Canada and Chile, and it was likely that the virus will arrive in all states and territories in the region where there are mosquito.


How to deal with the Zika injury?

There is no cure or vaccine against infection, racing companies and scientists to develop a safe and effective vaccine against the virus, but the World Health Organization said that to achieve this goal may take 18 months to begin large-scale clinical trials on what could become a vaccine and preventive injections.

How serious is the disease?

PAHO Organization reported that there is no evidence that Zika may cause death but have been reported some cases which suffered more serious complications in patients who were already suffering from other diseases.
The search is linked to cases of the virus (Maekerocevally), a deformity that affects newborns causes abnormally small head size and brain as to prevent proper development. As will be discussed relates to Gilan-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which the immune system attacks parts of the nervous system.
The World Health Organization said that this potential link between Zika and former Alichohan in newborns can be proven within weeks.

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