14 products from CES 2024 you can buy now

CES, or the Consumer Electronics Expo, is one of the biggest tech trade shows in the U.S., which means it’s one of the best places to get an idea of the future of technology. You can preview products long before they hit store shelves, which can often make it hard to find new products that are available to buy now.

I headed to CES to find the best new products as well as gadgets you can actually order today. Below are new and exciting products across tech home, kitchen, wellness and more.

New products from CES 2024 that are available now

We focused on products that are available for purchase or pre-order today. Products you can pre-order ship in January, February or March.

Tech, audio and gaming

Clicks Creator Keyboard for iPhone (Pre-order)

If you miss the days of smartphones with physical buttons, this phone case may be for you. It is a silicone case that plugs into your phone and has a physical, backlit keyboard at the bottom. You can use the physical keyboard instead of your iPhone’s traditional touch keyboard. The case has a pass-through port at the bottom, so you can still charge your phone while using it.

iPhone 14 Pro models ship in February, 15 Pro in March and 15 Pro Max in early spring.

Anker MagGo Power Bank Qi2

Anker debuted a bevy of charging devices using the new Qi2 standard, which promises faster charging rates and a secure magnetic hold while charging. This one doubles as a portable power bank, with 6,600mAh of battery while you are on the go. It charges with USB-C, just like the latest iPhone 15.

Alienware 32-Inch 4K Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3225QF)

OLED screen technology was everywhere this year at CES, particularly in gaming. OLED screens typically deliver richer colors and contrast compared to LCD screens. This QD-OLED monitor has more brightness and wider viewing angles than traditional OLED screens, according to the brand. It’s a large, curved gaming monitor with 4K resolution and a fast 240Hz refresh rate, more than enough for most games. It is available in 27 and 32-inch sizes.

Audio-Technica ATH-TWX7 Wireless Earbuds

Audio-technica makes some of our favorite audio gear for music lovers. These new wireless earbuds have a similar shape to Apple AirPods Pro and Bose QuietComfort Ultra, and have a mix of touch controls and physical buttons on the earbuds. One big differentiator is that these earbuds support hi-res audio playback with compatible devices and audio. They, of course, also have automated noise cancellation and hear-through modes. It also has up to 6.5 hours of battery in the buds, with the case adding up to 20 hours on top of that. The box comes with four different ear tip sizes.

JLab JBuds Lux ANC Headphones (Pre-order)

Jlab makes some of our favorite headphones, often at a low price. These noise-canceling headphones are under $100, but have many of the features we like in more expensive competitors, including active noise canceling, hear-through mode, Bluetooth multipoint, a foldable design, on-ear controls and USB-C charging. The headphones have up to 40 hours of battery life with noise-canceling turned on.

Health and fitness

Garmin Lily 2 Smartwatch

If you are looking for a smartwatch that looks slim, sleek and stylish, this might be what you are looking for. The Lily 2 has a small, 35mm circular touch screen that displays a simple, customizable pattern when not in use. Like other Garmin smartwatches, it tracks health, workout and sleep data through the Garmin Connect app. It has up to five days of battery life, and works with iPhone and Android smartphones.

Evie Ring

This is a health tracker in the shape of a ring, designed for women to track menstrual cycles, sleep habits, heart rate and activity time. The ring is made with a slight amount of flex to accommodate the natural changes in size our bodies go through every day, according to the brand. Similar to wireless earbuds, it comes with a charging case so you can recharge it on the go — something I’ve never seen in a fitness tracker. The Evie Ring gets up to four days of battery life per charge, with the charging case holding up to 10 full charges. Currently, it is only compatible with iPhones.

Beauty and wellness

Proclaim Custom-Jet Oral Health System

Imagine a water flosser inside of a mouthguard, one that can do all the work of flossing for you in seconds. This 3D-printed mouthpiece has up to 60 water jets angled between your teeth and below your gum line to clear food, plaque and bacteria, just like regular or water flossing would, according to the brand. Excess water flows out the open front section of the mouthpiece — you’ll want to use it over a sink.

Like other water flossers, it has a base station that delivers water to the jets in the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can be swapped out if multiple people want to use the same base station.

Home and kitchen

GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

If you are an apartment dweller like me, the idea of smoked ribs evokes memories of a backyard barbeque. As someone who doesn’t have outdoor space, this countertop smoker looks appealing. It uses wood pellets, just like an outdoor smoker, but turns that wood smoke into warm air, according to the brand.

It has six preset food settings (brisket, pork ribs, pork butt, wings, chicken and salmon), and can fit a good amount of food: 3 racks of ribs (cut in half), a full chicken or a 14 pound pork butt, according to the brand. It can connect to the GE Profile Connect app for more features and remote monitoring.

Current Backyard Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill

This full-sized outdoor electric grill has a maximum temperature of 700 degrees, far hotter than any gas grill I’ve ever used. It plugs into any standard wall outlet and can be connected to Wi-Fi to remotely monitor and adjust the grill temperature and internal probe temperature using the Current app. The grill has two cooking zones on the left and right that can be controlled independently. The grill will ship from Current Backyard in February of 2024, with other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Williams Sonoma offering the grill in March.

Kohler PureWash E930 Bidet Seat

Kohler has a habit of showing off truly luxurious (and expensive) bathroom tech at CES. This new smart bidet can be controlled with a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can control the bidet without ever touching the remote. It has adjustable water temperatures, pressures, angles, a heated seat, an air drying function, a motion activated cover, UV light cleaning and more.

Smart home

Nanoleaf Skylight Modular Ceiling Light (Pre-order)

Nanoleaf makes some of our favorite smart lights, but this is their first product meant to mount onto the ceiling. Like other Nanoleaf lights, it has fully-customizable color tones, color scenes like rain and sun shower, and can sync with other smart home gadgets to follow an automatic schedule. This bundle comes with three panels, but you can expand it to include up to 100 panels by connecting Skylight Expansion Packs.

Each square emits 1400 lumens of light with a lifespan of 25,000 hours, according to the brand. It uses a traditional hardwire connection for power, and connects to Wi-Fi to sync with Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung smart homes. Pre-orders are available now, with shipping in late January.


Segway E2 Pro Electric Scooter (pre-order)

Segway makes some of the best electric scooters. This new E2 Pro model is a good fit for short commutes or as a last-mile solution. It has turn indicators built-in to the handlebars, 10-inch tubeless tires, the brand’s new traction control system, support for Apple’s Find My app and more.

Similar to the brand’s other E and F series scooters, the E2 Pro has a 15.5 miles per hour top speed at 16.8 mile range at top speed. It weighs 41.4 pounds, and has a max weight capacity of 265 pounds. The scooter is estimated to ship on January 25th.

Anker Solix F3800

This new portable power station can support your home, charge your electric vehicle (or RV), or travel on-the-go for a weekend adventure off the grid. It has a maximum power output of 6,000W at 120 and 240V, and a capacity of 3,840Wh, meaning it can easily power large appliances like air conditioners, microwaves, power tools and more.

It can also be combined with a portable Anker solar panel to recharge with the sun, or be combined with other expansion batteries to create a larger portable power system. You can monitor the status of the battery through the Anker app.

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