Baby capybara who went viral dancing to ‘Thriller’ is given a cute new name

A baby capybara who went viral last week by dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has been given a new name by her adoring public, a Miami zoo announced on Monday.

After receiving scores of suggestions from the community, the Florida foundation that cares for the thrilling 3-month-old giant rodent decided on a name: Eve. 

“[She] arrived to us at the foundation on Christmas Eve, so it was only fitting, and one of our supporters nailed it by suggesting,” Matt Dillon, spokesperson for the Zoological Wildlife Foundation, told NBC News about the new name. 

Eve gained internet fame after a video captured her taking a morning dip in the pool, set to “Thriller,” as she appeared to be imitating the famous choreography from the classic Michael Jackson music video. The clip went viral and has almost 125 million views on Instagram alone. 

The online audience is loving her dancing skills. “Michael Jackson, reincarnated,” one commenter wrote on the post. Others find Eve relatable, with one commenter saying, “me in the 5 foot pool area.” 

“It’s exciting to see our latest edition to the family receive such a globally warm reception,” Dillon said. “And with the viral interest and eyes globally on us, we are excited to share more of Eve’s journey.”

Visitors can meet the “newly minted superstar capybara” in person starting this week as she begins encounters with the public, the foundation said.