Dean Phillips: On the Issues

Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., launched a primary challenge against President Joe Biden in October, following months of criticizing Biden’s re-election bid.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has said that the White House appreciated Phillips’ “almost 100” percent support of Biden’s agenda.

Here’s where he stands on major issues.


Phillips’ economic voting record largely tracks with Biden’s agenda. He has voted in favor of Biden’s major economic agenda items, including voting to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the CHIPS and Science Act.

Phillips, who was previously a co-owner of the Talenti Gelato company, has also said he favors economic policies that are “both pro-business and pro-worker.”

“I’m an advocate for policies that grow the economy by reducing red tape, investing in people, rewarding innovation, and sharing in success,” his campaign website reads.

Health care

Phillips supports universal health insurance coverage, according to his campaign website.

“I believe it’s time we make the moral decision to ensure every American has affordable, high-quality healthcare, regardless of their age, condition, geography, or ability to pay,” his campaign website reads.


Phillips supports “enhanced border security, a pathway to citizenship for those here now, and a streamlined process for those seeking to enter the country legally,” according to his campaign website.

He has criticized Democrats about the southern border, saying that “circumstances at our southern border, and which I visited twice, are a good example where I believe Democrats have not done the job.” He has separately called the border “an unmitigated, embarrassing, inexcusable disaster.”


“I don’t think government, and I certainly don’t think men, should have any say on what a woman does with her body, period,” Phillips said at a town hall.

He has also said that abortion is health care and that he would protect women’s right to choose.

“I also stand ready to work with anyone in Congress who is ready to support women, children, and families — and in doing so, reduce the demand for abortion in this country,” he said in a statement last year. “In my estimation, equitable access to health care, childcare, contraception, and paid leave is what makes a nation pro-life.”