Dude, where’s my getaway car? Suspects find automobile stolen during armed robbery, police say.

An armed robbery in Colorado turned awry for the alleged perpetrators when police say someone stole their getaway car in the middle of a heist.

Three masked and armed individuals allegedly robbed a check cashing service in Commerce City on Saturday morning, according to the local police department. No injuries were reported.

Officers have arrested two of the three suspects and are currently investigating the incident, the police department said in social media posts on Facebook and X.

“In an unexpected and ironic twist… as the trio was robbing the business…a fourth criminal stole their getaway vehicle… which may have already been stolen,” a Facebook post stated in an update about the robbery. “We don’t know. If we get a solid description of it, we will release that here.”

The bizarre news stirred amusement among residents on social media.

“We can’t make this stuff up,” the police department commented in a Facebook reply.