Face masks, travel accessories and more

Here at Select, December was all about ringing in the holiday season — we created specially curated gift guides for everyone in your life, including teachers, new parents, music lovers and baking enthusiasts (and, of course, Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters and the rest of your shopping list). We also got cozy with our Select staff-favorite robes and rounded up our favorite exercise bikes, ankle weights and more to help you reach your fitness goals in 2024.

To reflect on 2023, we compiled our readers’ most purchased products and tech bestsellers from the year and our editors’ favorite buys. And to give you an idea of what readers shopped for last month, we highlighted the bestselling products we covered in December.

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Kelsey Fredricks is a production coordinator at NBC Select. For this story, she rounded up bestselling products that our readers loved in December based on data from our monthly coverage.

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