Greece legalizes same-sex marriage, joining more than 30 countries worldwide

Greece has allowed civil unions for same-sex couples since 2015. However, that law did not permit same-sex parents to both claim legal guardianship over their children. The new law amends this, though it still would prohibit same-sex male couples from having children through surrogate mothers in Greece, an option available to single women and heterosexual couples who require surrogates due to health reasons.

The legalization of same-sex marriage has come under fierce criticism from the Greek Orthodox Church, which teaches that homosexuality is a sin. Conversely, some LGBTQ advocates have criticized the law, arguing that it does not go far enough.

Image: A person holds a transgender flag outside the Greek Parliament
A person holds a transgender flag outside the Greek Parliament in Athens on Wednesday.Aris Messinis / AFP – Getty Images

Thursday’s vote comes as the Orthodox Christian nation has loosened its regulations around LGBTQ people in the last decade.

Two years after the country passed the 2015 law allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, lawmakers passed legislation that would allow people to have their gender identity legally recognized. In 2022, Greek legislators also banned the widely debunked practice of conversion therapy nationwide, something that is still widely available in more historically progressive nations, including the United States.

The passage of same-sex marriage in Greece coincides with a precarious time for LGBTQ rights around the world.

While lawmakers in the United States enshrined same-sex marriage into federal law in 2022, state legislators have also proposed and enacted hundreds of anti-LGBTQ bills in recent years.