Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love helps fan stuck in snow

    A star-struck Green Bay Packers fan couldn’t believe her eyes when quarterback Jordan Love stepped over to help free her car after it got stuck in snow.

    Lucy Kurowski, 20, shared a picture of herself and the NFL star on Instagram on Friday, days before Love led his team to a 48-32 win over the Dallas Cowboys in the playoff wild card round Sunday.

    She told Fox affiliate WLUK of Green Bay that she was leaving a hair appointment Friday in the Green Bay suburb of De Pere, when she realized her car was stuck.

    “He gets out of his car and he’s like, ‘Are you OK?'” Kurowski said. “And I was like, ‘Are you Jordan Love?!’ I was fangirling,” she said. ““I couldn’t even believe it. It didn’t feel real. I was in a state of shock.”

    The pair weren’t able to free the car, but Kurowski was still won over by Love’s kindness.

    Kurowski’s aunt shared the selfie the pair took on X, where it has received 30,000 likes. “What can’t he do?” she asked.

    Love, 25, a product of Utah State University, threw for three touchdowns in Sunday’s game, marking his postseason debut with a victory that went against many predictions given the Cowboys’ unbeaten 16-game home streak.

    Love has thrown for 4,159 yards this season, putting him seventh in the NFL passing charts, with a completion rate of 64.2.