Putin vows to ‘punish’ terrorists after Moscow concert attack kills 115

Putin says a ‘window’ was prepared on Ukrainian side for attackers’ escape

Putin condemned yesterday’s attack as a “barbaric terrorist act” in a public address today as he alleged that a “window” had been prepared “on the Ukrainian side” to help the attackers escape.

The Russian leader did not provide evidence for the claim, but cited preliminary data in Moscow’s ongoing investigation into the deadly attack.

Russian officials have said the attackers were planning to escape across the Russia-Ukraine border following the assault. Kyiv has denied having any role.

Putin said medics were still fighting to save the lives of those wounded in the attack, which he said has prompted officials in Moscow and several other regions to introduce new anti-terrorism measures.

He said tomorrow, March 24, would be a national day of mourning for the more than 115 people killed.

“I express my deep, sincere condolences to everyone who lost their loved ones,” he said. “The whole country, our entire nation, mourns with you.