The 11 best wrapping paper for gifts in 2023

Whether your gifting process includes lots of bows or the sleekest metallic designs, it’s helpful to have wrapping paper that can be used for virtually any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries and other personal milestones.  

And since the holiday season is in full swing, we’re rounding up the best gift wrapping paper and supplies to help you maximize end-of-year cheer with minimal wear and tear. 

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How we picked the best gift wrapping paper

To find the best wrapping paper, we consulted an arts and crafts expert, who recommends keeping in mind the following factors: 

Material: The material itself is integral in keeping your presents secure. Generally, metallic and kraft papers are stronger and less likely to tear around heavier items while print papers are more stylish.

Design: Don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow when choosing gift wrapping paper. There are a myriad of different designs and colors to fit your personal preferences and the occasion.

Price: Cost efficiency is also important, especially for those with a heftier wishlist to get through. Multi-roll bundles and reversible wrapping paper can help you save money and time.

Best wrapping paper in 2023

Our roundup of the best gift wrapping paper includes top-rated and Select staff-favorite options that align with our expert’s guidance. The products we chose come in a variety of designs and materials that can be used for multiple occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Most of our top picks also come in bulk sizing so you can spend more time wrapping and less time restocking.

Jam Paper Assorted Gift Wrap 

This kraft gift paper is the perfect tool for keeping heavier gifts beautifully wrapped, according to Val Studer, senior project designer for Michaels. Each set is designed specifically for the end-of-year holiday season, with festive prints ranging from snowmen to snowflakes. The metallic pine trees in particular are a simple yet elegant option for those placing gifts under a Christmas tree. Plus, each roll is a whopping 25 square feet for quick and easy wrapping, according to the brand.

Material: Kraft paper | Dimensions: 25 sq feet | Best for: Heavy gifts | Design type: Metallic print | Amount included: 2-5 rolls per pack

Larcenciel Gift Wrapping Paper

No matter the occasion, these versatile wrapping papers can add an air of elegance to your gifts. The set — available in 16 different design themes — includes pre-cut papers which, according to the brand, are most ideal for wrapping small to medium sized gifts. The number of papers you get depends on the design theme you choose, though most of them also come with accessories like bows and stickers. Larcenciel says the high-gloss paper is soft to the touch, yet thick enough to resist wear and tear. Plus, they have a 4.4 star-average rating from 984 reviews on Amazon.

Material: Metallic paper | Dimensions: 27.5 x 19.6 inches | Best for: Medium gifts | Design type: Printed design | Amount included: 4-6 rolls per pack

Venhaugh Brown Wrapping Paper 

Minimalists and maximalists alike can appreciate the simple canvas that plain Kraft paper provides. “I’m a big fan of brown wrapping paper,” says Select SEO editor Nikki Brown. “It’s understated and suitable for any holiday or occasion, which makes it easy to customize with accessories when needed.” This large roll can fit onto a 15-inch paper roll dispenser and can also be used outside of gifting for arts and crafts, protecting floors, painting and more, according to the brand.

Material: Kraft paper | Dimensions: 15 x 450 inches | Best for: Large and heavy gifts | Design type: Customizable, monochromatic | Amount included: 1 roll per pack

RUSPEPA Reversible Kraft Wrapping Paper

When choosing between wrapping papers, shoppers may find that reversible options with bold designs can allow for more variety in your gift wrapping. This stylish, 17.5 x 30 inch reversible six-pack of Kraft paper offers a variety of different aesthetics, with a film that reduces tears, wrinkles, and dust, according to the brand. The paper comes in 16 different styles — including holiday and birthday options — and is best for wrapping small to medium sized gifts. 

Material: Kraft paper | Dimensions: 17.5 x 30 inches | Best for: Small to medium gifts | Design type: Reversible printed design | Amount included: 1 roll per pack

RUSPEPA Gold Metallic Wrapping Paper 

Avaiable in 10 stunning colors, including geometric options, this over 80 square foot metallic wrapping paper roll is made from a thick metallic gold material that could fit any occasion, according to the brand. It currently holds a 4.7-star average rating on Amazon, where shoppers rave about the color options and the wrapping paper’s resilience. 

Material: Metallic paper | Dimensions: 30 inches x 32.8 feet | Best for: Heavy and large gifts | Design type: Monochromatic and printed | Amount included: 1 roll per pack

WAPLIGHAL Dinosaur Christmas

Wrap small gifts in this top-rated, dinosaur-themed wrapping paper for the kids (or kids at heart) on your shopping list. The bundle includes four unique patterns, all made from eco-friendly inks, according to the brand, and on FSC certified paper, which means it’s recyclable. 

Material: Glossy print paper | Dimensions: 20 x 29 inches | Best for: Small and medium gifts | Design type: Multiple printed designs | Amount included: 8 sheets per pack 

Colors of Rainbow — Fairytale Forest

This enchanting wrapping paper comes in an impressive 18 distinct styles for shoppers in need of attention-grabbing patterns on thick and heavy paper. The set is folded flat to keep the paper from folding back on itself, according to the brand, and features designs that are printed in Italy using non hazardous materials such as bleach-free fibers and water-based, non-toxic dyes. It has a 4.8-star average rating on Amazon, where shoppers rave about the designs — one person says they “may even use it in card making.” 

Material: Print paper | Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches | Best for: Medium and heavy gifts | Design type: Multiple printed designs | Amount included: 4 sheets per pack

LeZakaa Floral Wrapping Paper 

This chic three roll set, avaiable in four different design options, comes equipped with grid lines on the back of the paper to help you cut in straight lines, according to the brand. Amazon shoppers admire the “classy” and “pretty” designs, and say it’s resistant against tears. 

Material: Print paper | Dimensions: 17 x 120 inches | Best for: Small and medium gifts | Design type: Multiple printed designs | Amount included: 3 rolls per pack

American Greetings 120 sq. ft. Christmas Wrapping Paper

Shoppers looking to add a personal touch to their gift wrapping may love this interactive option. This recyclable three-pack set is fully customizable with designs that can be colored in, according to the brand. The pack also comes with enough paper to wrap up to 24 shirt boxes, according to American Greetings.

Material: Printed paper | Dimensions: 40 x 12 inches | Best for: Small and medium gifts | Design type: Customizable printed design | Amount included: 3 rolls per pack

Fanm Djahm Sapphire Headwrap 

Shoppers looking for reusable alternatives to traditional gift wrapping paper may find what they need in a local fabric store, where a stretchy and resilient material can fit around oddly shaped gifts. “A few years ago, my sister gave me a present wrapped in cloth and now, it’s something I love to do during the holiday season,” says Select SEO Editor Nikki Brown. “It’s less wasteful compared to traditional wrapping paper, and the cloth is something your giftee can repurpose however they like. I love using headwraps, and Fanm Djahm makes beautiful options.” 

Material: 80% polyester, 20% lycra spandex  | Dimensions: 71 x 18 inches | Best for: Small and medium gifts | Design type: Monochromatic | Amount included: 1 headwrap per order

Paper Source Checkered Iron Stone Wrapping Paper

Select editorial project manager Rebecca Rodriguez “loves everything Paper Source.” “It cuts so seamlessly. The paper also just feels like great quality. It’s so smooth and doesn’t tear while you’re wrapping.” This specialty, water-resistant option is stone paper, a tree-free material made mostly with calcium carbonate. 

Material: Stone paper  | Dimensions: 30 x 10 inches | Best for: Small and medium gifts | Design type: Printed | Amount included: 1 paper per order

How to shop for the best wrapping paper

As you shop for gift wrapping paper, our expert says you should consider your personal style preference, as well as the size of your gifts. 


Carefully consider the type of wrapping paper that will suit your gifts best. According to Studer, there are three main types:

Kraft paper, like many print papers, is typically made of wood pulp, and the best option for wrapping heavier gifts without as much fear of tearing.

Metallic papers, often made from mylar, are similarly strong but typically monochromatic.

Print papers offer the most variety with regard to design, but are often not as strong as the metallic or kraft alternatives.

“I know a lot of times I’ve used wrapping paper that tears easily and that’s frustrating,” Studer says. “The kraft papers and the metallic foils are going to be your stronger papers. The printed papers are pretty but they’re probably not…going to be as strong.”


The personal taste of the gifter also matters. Metallic papers typically only come in singular colors, which may be a boon to those looking for alternatives that aren’t holiday-centric. Ultimately, however, Studer says “the best gift is one that is wrapped with love.”


Being cost-efficient will absolutely save headaches later on. Multi-pack and reversible paper options can go a long way in providing versatility without having to make multiple trips to the store. Reversible packs can also help solve the issue of buying more wrapping paper than is needed for a particular session.


Taking the time to ensure you have the proper tools nearby will go a long way in making sure your gifts remain beautifully wrapped. Tape, hot glue and a sharp pair of scissors are of the utmost importance, according to Studer. “I, as a professional crafter, always say that you’re only as good as your tools.I’m surprised how many people– how many of my friends’ homes I go into and they don’t have good scissors,” she says.

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  • Val Studer is a senior project designer for Michaels and a professional crafter with expertise in both art and graphic design. 

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