Watch the Dateline episode, “Down the Basement Stairs,” now

It was March 29, 2010.

Cara Rintala, a 30-something mom, was out running errands with her toddler daughter.

When they got home around 7 p.m., they found something truly shocking: Cara’s wife, lying at the bottom of the basement stairs.

Cara ran to the neighbor’s, who called 911.

It was heartbreaking, incomprehensible.

37-year-old Annamarie Cochrane Rintala was dead.

It was a poignant picture to be sure: a dead wife, a devastated spouse, a little girl who’d lost a mother.

But what had really happened at the bottom of those stairs?

It would take a determined trooper to find out. 

And little did he know how long the extraordinary journey through the legal system would take. 

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After you finish watching the episode, watch Annamarie’s loved ones remember her as a fun-loving woman, who lived life to the fullest.